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Family Counseling & Art Therapy in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Receive professional help you need with family counseling and art therapy from Art Therapy and Family Counseling of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. I offer family, couples, children and individual counseling to help you work through your problems.
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Family Counseling

Whether your family is dealing with blended family issues, or there are school and interpersonal relationship concerns among the family, I am here to help. I offer family counseling as a unit, as well as individual counseling to make sure that all concerns are being addressed. With family counseling, I incorporate a variety of techniques in these sessions, including therapeutic games and stories, art therapy, and play techniques.

Couples Counseling

Heal your relationship with couples counseling services. I see couples together and individually so that their issues, separately and as a couple, can be expressed. Common relationship issues include self-defeating behaviors, separation, and unhappiness. I encourage couples to grow and change where needed in their relationship for a successful future.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is based on traditional talk therapy and insight-oriented therapy. I apply a combination of relaxation techniques, guided imagery, and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques throughout the individual counseling sessions for the best results.

Individual talk therapy promotes a better understanding of self. With frustration and stress as part of normal life, my individual counseling techniques are perfect for many of our patients working through personal issues.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a unique tool used in counseling which utilizes an image, medium, and verbal exchange to facilitate personal growth and healing. This approach works well with children and adults who are interested in a creative approach to explore their problems. The client makes use of art to express feelings in a tangible and concrete way rather than by using words alone.
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Art Therapy and Family Counseling of Mechanicsburg
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